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The-MAP with UEI DAQ

Simmulation of The-MAP with UEI DAQ (The-MAP : PFK's self-developmented TC-wafer temperature monitoring system)   DAQ by UEI(United Electronic Industry) UEI DAQ has 3 slot,  Each slot can connected with 12channel module, UEI DAQ can handle 36 channels totally.   Main interface of The-MAP
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TC Wafer - K type 12inch 57points.

  Type : K Type Size : 12 inch Point : 57 points pfk semiconductor, instruments, equipments

Valves&fittings - Ham-let

<Let-Lok Tube fittings double ferrule> The LET-LOK range of connectors has been developed to fill the rapidly increasing demand for tube fittings suitable for high pressure use in environments such as petrochemical, fluid, power, nuclear, electronic, as well as other major industrial settings.   Each one has passed a stringent tolerance test for high pressure, impulse, vibration, vacuum and temperature.  The LET-LOK® tube fitting is a mechanism used both to seal and to grip tubing. The mechanical advantage and geometry of this kind of fitting produces a leak-tight assembly. <HTC - HighTech Components> HTC specializes in the design and production of high-quality, specially manufactured valves and fittings for High Purity and Ultra-High Purity applications. HTC is complete line that reflects the company’s deep understanding of the critical requirements of the semiconductor, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.  HTC is a leader in the manufacturing of fittings and valves fo

Valve, Manifold, Interlocking system - ASTAVA

<Kind of ASTAVA products> Valves and Manifolds Housing Astava Modular Mounting system Astava Interlocking Solutions Air Distribution manifolds Accessories Monoflanges Slimeline Monoflanges (Close coupled) Nuclear Valves Tailor made Products   pfk instruments, equipments

Temperature Sensor - Types

① C type high temperature sensor -Max operating temperature up to 2000℃ ② K type temperature sensor with quartz protection tube ③ K type body temperature sensor - K type thermocouple sensor - For Dry etch system - K type thermocouple sensor - For CVD system <High Temp sensor> - Structure of High temp sensor - - Specification of High temperature sensors - pfk semiconductor, instruments, equipments  

Gas filter - Filtration Technology

<Application of PFK Gas Filter> - Without Diffuser - Gas flow cause particles on the bottom of chamber  move up and sit dowm on the wafer. - With Diffuser - Gas going into chamver spread smoothly No gas flow pattern Gas can be diffused inside chamber <Flow rate is growing in propotion to pressure> <Actual photograph of Gas Filter> - Gas filter Enlarged Photograph  - (X 3500) - Photo taken under water - (Checking uniformity) PFK can supply both Stainless and Quartz material filters In any shape or desi g n that customer required.  pfk instruments equipments

THE MAP - NI Compact DAQ System

CompactDAQ is a portable, flexible data acquisition platform consisting of a CompactDAQ Chassis and C Series  Input and Output (I/O) modules.  It combines signal connectors, integrated signal conditioning, and converters in a single package to deliver higher accuracy measurements by eliminating error-prone cabling and connectors  and reducing the number of components in a measurement system.  <Compact DAQ chassis> - Wire type CompactDAQ USB chassis- ((1)USB connector, (2)USB cable strain relif, (3)9VDC ~ 30VDC power connector,  (4)Module slot, (5) chassis grounding screw) cDAQ-9178(8 slot), cDAQ-9174(4 slot), cDAQ-9171(1 slot) Ethernet Compact DAQ chassis  These USB chassis are designed for1~8 C series I/O modules Chassis can measure extensive analog & digital I/O signal  and sensor in Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface    - Wireless type CompactDAQ chassis - NI cDAQ 9181 1-Slot Ethernet Compact DAQ chassis NI cDAQ-9185 4-Slot Ethernet Compact DAQ chassis These chassis are Compact DA